Use a band-aid for more than 12 hours for bacteria to multiply and cause wound infections

Use a band-aid for more than 12 hours for bacteria to multiply and cause wound infections

With band-aids, don’t over 12 hours. The bacteria can easily multiply and cause wound infections. When you encounter a small trauma, the band-aids will be implanted in our first aid.

However, there is a lot of knowledge about using band-aids, and if they are not used correctly, they will “help”.

  Band-aid is best not to be coaxial.

It has poor water absorption and breathability. If it is stuck for too long and it is not replaced in time, bacteria will multiply, and the wound and surrounding skin will become white and soft, causing infection and not conducive to wound healing.

Remove the band-aid while sleeping, and disinfect small wounds with iodophor before going to bed.

Band-aids should not be applied for more than 12 hours to prevent wounds from becoming infected.

  Band-Aids cannot be reused.

Many people are afraid of getting the band-aid wet when they wash their hands. They will take it off first, and then put it back after washing. This is also a mistake.

When using a band-aid, do not allow the wound to get wet. You can temporarily wipe it with a sterile wipe.

If you remove it when washing your hands, if the band-aid is wet with water or leaking liquid, throw it away immediately and reapply a new band-aid.

  The wound should not be treated with a band-aid.

The band-aid is mainly used for hemostasis of acute small wounds. It is suitable for superficial, small wounds and does not require additional cutting injuries.

In the case of large wounds, heavy bleeding, and dirty wounds, band-aids cannot be used, and you should go to the hospital in time.

Bloated, scalded, purulent infections and various skin diseases are not suitable for use.

  It should be reminded that when using a band-aid, do not pinch the wound to prevent the wound from cracking.

After two consecutive uses, if the wound becomes more painful or swollen, stop using it and go to the hospital for treatment in time.