Post-meal hip exercises Farewell to unprecedented

Post-meal hip exercises Farewell to “unprecedented”

The hip size is normal, but MMs who are often troubled by flat hips and sagging should pay special attention to this link.
The pleasing buttocks are nothing more than very full and full, squeezing the obvious obvious cleavage.
Therefore, in the hip-up plan, you must take a targeted approach to your actual situation, so as to greatly improve your hip-up effect.
  ”Flat” MM’s small warm-up after meals cause flatness: I have been picky eaters since childhood, over time, the digestive function of the stomach is weakened; do not like exercise, the body is not balanced.
  Rescue plan: Good hip exercises after a meal, let me say goodbye to “unprecedented.”
  Tips for healthy buttocks: Step one: Start after dinner for half an hour, lie flat on the ground with your feet on the ground and bend your knees, and lift your hips harder, slower.
  Step 2: Draw a straight line from the height of the hip to the spine, repeat it more than 20 times, or feel the acidity of the hip.
  Tips: If there is obvious waist pain during exercise, you should stop immediately, you can gradually increase the amount of activity, and gradually.
  ”Sagging” MM regained confidence. The cause of sagging: love ice cream, greasy snacks, rest immediately after exercise, without paying attention to adjustment.
  Rescue plan: Three-in-one method of hip-lifting, diet and rest.
  Tips for raising your hips: Step 1: Lie flat on the ground, straighten your legs backwards, and lift your legs up to focus on the buttocks.
  Step two: Do not lift too high, approximately in line with the body, pay attention to the abdomen to slightly converge, so as not to hurt the lower spine, repeat about 20 times.