Pregnant mothers eat more benefits of whole grains


Pregnant mothers eat more benefits of whole grains

Nutrition experts point out that compared to other foods, the loss of B vitamins in coarse grains is small.

Pregnant mothers eat coarse grains can be less secretive of constipation.

However, because the coarse grains contain more abundant cellulose.

The excessive intake of cellulose may affect the absorption of trace elements.

For example, oatmeal is eaten together with iron supplements used to relieve anemia in pregnant mothers.

Or eat with calcium supplements.

It will affect the absorption of iron and calcium by pregnant mothers; if you eat dairy products with high cellulose content, it will also affect the body’s absorption of calcium.

In addition, the absorption of a large amount of cellulose will affect the absorption of plasma by the human body.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is a good thing to properly supplement coarse grains during pregnancy, but be careful not to eat with dairy products or iron or calcium supplements or foods. The interval is preferably about 40 minutes.

After eating oatmeal, it is best to add iron or calcium in about 40 minutes after the meal.

銆€銆€Experts remind pregnant mothers to eat corn regularly to prevent and treat keratitis, glossitis, oral ulcers, constipation, pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, hepatobiliary diseases and dyspepsia, can also enhance physical strength and endurance, can effectively prevent “pregnancy giants””Young red blood cell anemia”, often eat sweet potato can make the skin white and delicate, implant a slight cardiovascular deposition, prevent heart disease.

Plain rice is also very suitable for pregnant mothers to eat.