The diet of the elderly should be far away from three whites and near three blacks

The diet of the elderly should be far away from “three whites” and near “three blacks”

The physical resistance of the elderly is poor, so scientific diet is especially important for the health of the elderly.
For the elderly, it is best to do “three whites” and “three blacks” in the diet.
  ”Three whites” refers to salt, sugar, lard, these old people should eat less; “three black” refers to mushrooms, fungus, kelp, these foods can be eaten by the elderly.
  In general, the intake of salt for the elderly should not exceed 5 grams per day; sugar is an essential substance for the human body, but it cannot be eaten too much; fat should not be eaten more, but if cooking is reasonable (slow simmer for 1 hour),It can reduce the fatty acids in fat meat that are not conducive to the human body.
  Mushrooms, black fungus and kelp are all healthy foods, and they belong to “black food”.
  The skin of the mushroom is dark and has a solubilizing effect on cholesterol, which can lower blood fat and cholesterol.
Because mushrooms contain a lot of vitamin D, eating more can prevent osteoporosis.
In addition, regular consumption of mushrooms, as well as the role of preventing cancer and preventing colds.
  Black fungus has the effect of enriching blood and promoting blood circulation, resisting platelet aggregation, preventing blood coagulation and forming thrombus, and preventing coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.
If you eat some black fungus every day, you can play a role in anti-vascular blockage.
  Kelp and seaweed are algae foods, rich in alginate, iodine, calcium, mannitol, crude fiber, vitamin B and other elements, which help to lower cholesterol, soften blood vessels, prevent high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, goiter and other diseases.