Four Seasons Health

Four Seasons Health

The climate rotates throughout the year, and people’s physical conditions will be disturbed when natural conditions change.

In different seasons, we need to add different nutrients to supplement the body’s needs, and throughout the year, your menu must be constantly changing.

  Chinese medicine believes that the world’s races are not separated or in harmony.

The ancient Chinese had unique insights into the relationships and laws of nature; they understood the world from a holistic perspective, and even created the yin and yang, and the Five Elements theory to explain various complex phenomena.

Human beings are an organic whole and belong to the natural world; therefore, they must be affected by the external environment and climate, and they will also have different physiological or pathological reactions according to their needs.

For example, in different seasons, the body’s pulse phenomenon, including rhythm, speed, pulse volume, and tension, changes.

In spring, it is biased towards the string pulse, and the vascular tension is increased; in summer, it is biased towards the flood vein, and the pulse is pulsating suddenly; in autumn, it is biased to the floating vein, and the finger can be clearly touched by touching the skin surface;You have to press again to feel the pulse.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners will take these factors into account during dialectical diagnosis.

In addition, the occurrence, development and changes of related diseases are possible; fever is easy in spring; heat stroke is easy in summer; dryness in autumn; frostbite in winter.

Therefore, we need to make different dietary adjustments.

  When it comes to lovers’ health and longevity, clear-mindedness is an important condition.

Tao Hongjing put forward in the book of health extension and life extension: “The way of health, there is great sorrow and sorrow. This so-called neutralization can replace longevity.

“Cut out of selfish desire to keep fit and keep quiet, so that the body is in a state of being alone and thinking about everything. It also requires people to have noble sentiments and be open-minded.

Sun Simiao said, “People who don’t end their lives or who cause their deaths are unwilling to take care of themselves.

“Thus, those who are good at health” don’t absorb what they want “,” no delusions in their hearts “,” wherever they go, don’t ask repeatedly “,” if you want to talk about good things, don’t want to think about money first. ”

  The distant chamber refers to the abstinence of sexual life.

Human growth and development depend on kidney essence. Renal essence filling is endless, and human vitality and disease resistance are strong.

If you want to protect the kidney essence, you must control your sexual desire. If you are greedy and you are indulgent, it will inevitably damage your body and life.

  People live in nature at four o’clock and adapt to the seasonal climate is an important part of health science.

“Lü’s Spring and Autumn” said: “Elderly people who have a long life can not only be short-lived but also continue to do so.

“The so-called harmfulness refers to the unusual climate and the unusual climates such as cold, hot, dry, and warm. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it” six sexty. ”

  Diet and spleen and stomach are the basis of the day after tomorrow. Insufficient diet and injury to the spleen and stomach make people sick and premature.

The dangers of “Nei Jing” to incontinence of diet include “being born of the yin, the essence of the five flavors”, “the diet is doubled, the stomach is hurting”, “more salt, the veins will cry and discolor, and more bitterness, the skin will dry upHair failure . “and so on.

Sun Siyi’s supplements to dietary avoidance are more comprehensive and more scientific. In addition to common sense such as “do not overeat, keep the order simple”, “changyi warm food”, “changyi light and sweet things”, etc.Methods, food hygiene descriptions, such as “food should be cooked and chewed, raw food should not be swallowed”, “do not eat big words”, “each hand rubs the face and belly”, “do not eat lettuce, raw rice, adzuki beans, Chen”Stink, do not drink muddy wine”, “Must not eat raw sticky slippery” and so on, this has a positive and important significance to avoid damage to the spleen and stomach, prevent food poisoning, prevent infectious diseases, and even get rid of the disease.

  People who exercise regularly are an organic whole, and exercise often tends to be abundant and healthy.

As early as the Han Dynasty, Hua Yan advocated physical training to prevent illness.

He pointed out: “The human body desires to work, and when it shakes, it loses its vitality, its blood flow circulates, and it is impossible to get sick.

“In the” Thousands of Gold Recipes “, Sun Simiao also said:” The way to cultivate nature, often want to work a little “,” the physical desire to work often, but not multi-polar “, remind people to often exercise muscles and bones to eliminate illness and prolong life.

  Reciprocity means that in order to be healthy and longevity, you must support yourself according to the law of age.

Sun Sizhen analyzed the elderly and said, “A person with a life of more than 50 years, the sun is dying and the sun is getting worse.

The mental strength is gradually fading, forgetting the past, and being inert with home and leisure, and disappointing.

Audiovisual instability, more retreats and less advances, different days and months, everything is scattered, boring, forgetful, angry, and temperamental.

“Tell us that when people enter old age, there will be a series of physiological and morphological changes. We must take care of them, be considerate of the elderly, and adjust to their temperament so that they can enjoy the best of life.

  Taking medicated food is alive and enjoys different endowments, and the condition is ruthless, which will inevitably hurt people.

Therefore, taking medicated diet is also one of the contents of health science.

The ancients took medicated diets to prevent and treat diseases, and to maintain health and prolong life, and formulated many medicated diets and prescriptions to prolong life.

However, health care can not only rely on medicated diet, otherwise, “Although often taking medicated diet without knowing the technique of nourishing, it is also difficult to grow a long life”, “concentrating Yuye Jindan instead of extending life.

  ”Huang Sanyue, this is Fanxiu.””Three months in summer are the season when everything is flourishing.

The weather dropped, the earth air rose, the heaven and earth air intersected, and the plants blossomed and bear fruit.

Summer is a fire, and the five internal organs correspond to the heart, and the heart fires overcome the lungs, so in summer, people can eat more bitter things and less bitter things, which helps to nourish the lungs.

In summer, we must maintain good sleep quality, and sleep time is relatively long in summer. Therefore, people’s sleep quality should be maintained. The study of medicinal wine to help sleep is studied by the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They think that medicinal wine is in some aspects.It can adjust the physical aspects of the body. In the physical aspect, the adjustment of medicinal wine can relieve stress, soothe the blood and soothe the blood. In the summer, medicinal wine can reduce irritability and reduce the anxiety caused by the summer. The summer climate is dry and hot., Qingzao antipyretic is the main way of summer.

Now the medicinal wine enters the spleen and stomach in different directions to help reduce fire and reduce inflammation.

Medicinal liquor is inherited from different theoretical theories.

The current choice of medicinal liquor should be examined from an objective perspective, not blindly.

Pay more attention to the choice of medicinal wine in summer.

The two kinds of medicinal liquors currently on the market, such as “Miaoqin medicinal liquor” and “Hongmao medicinal liquor”, are relatively trusted by the society.

  The main methods of traditional Chinese medical health include: meridian health, physical health, qigong health, sports health, intercourse health, emotional health, sleep health, environmental health, living health, intended health, timing health, four seasons health, entertainment health, partsHealth, medical health, bath health, attenuated health, tranquility health and so on.