I often eat a lot of oil sticks.


I often eat a lot of oil sticks.

Older people are prone to Alzheimer’s disease, a mental disorder caused by brain atrophy.

Mainly manifested as forgetfulness, indifferent to the outside race, intermittent thinking, neglect of major events, entanglement of small things, emotional instability.

In addition to genetic factors, this disease is related to the metal aluminum implanted in the human body.

Aluminum is harmful to the cranial nerves, the brain has affinity for aluminum, the brain tissue contains too much aluminum, can cause aging, memory loss, mental retardation, slow movement, and some people find X-ray and electron microscopy, senile dementiaThe brain tissue contains 4 times more or even 30 times more aluminum than normal people, and 5 to 10 times more than normal people in the body.

銆€銆€The fritters, oil cakes and the like contain aluminum oxide. This is because the surface of the fritters is mixed with potassium sulphate and aluminum (a staff member). For a 50 gram heavy fritter, it contains about 10 mm of aluminum.Eat 2 fritters a day, 600 mg of aluminum in one month.

Generally, the normal human body weighing 70 kg contains only 61 mg, which is what the human body needs.

In order to prevent senile dementia, it is advisable to eat less or not to add alum and fritters.