Eat these 4 kinds of foods in the summer, and it will prevent you from getting sick!


Eat these 4 kinds of foods in the summer, and it will prevent you from getting sick!

The heat of the hot summer is hard to bear, and many people can’t afford it. Plus the “sauna day” is coming, and the sultry season is even more painful.

Any heatstroke, fire, illness and other discomforts will follow.

Therefore, summer health care is very important to prevent diseases. Chinese medicine says that you can eat 4 kinds of foods, which can effectively help you to escape the heat.

Celery dampness and fire-reducing effect: Sexual cool and slightly cold, sweet and bitter, damp, clear intestine, relieve the heart fire.

Eat this: Take 150 grams, about 1 celery, wash and cut into small pieces, take 1 apple, peel and cut small pieces, put into the juice machine, add 350?
500ml boiling water and a small amount of honey into a juice, can reduce anger and lower blood pressure.

Reminder: Celery is a high-potassium and low-sodium vegetable that helps prevent cardiovascular disease. However, patients with kidney disease who are limited to potassium should consult a physician first.

Lotus root moisturizing yin effect: sexual sweetness, cold, thirst, lungs and yin.

Eat like this: take 0 first.

5 money lotus seeds, add 600 ml of water to boil first, add 30 grams of lotus root and cut into small pieces, continue to cook for 10 minutes on low heat, and finally add half peeled and cut small pieces of pear, add sugar to taste, 鐒朇ook for 5 minutes, can reduce the fire, improve dry mouth and bad breath, help clear the heart and help the gods.

Reminder: Lotus root starch, is losing weight or overweight, if you eat lotus root, then other starches such as rice, the face should be reduced.

Tomato refreshing and quenching thirst: Sexually sweet and sour, slightly cold, can eliminate food, quench your thirst, improve fever and polydipsia.

Eat this: Take 10 saints, wash, half kiwi peeled and cut into small pieces, and 500ml.

Low-fat yogurt, put into the juicer, whipped to bring granules, can heat and quench thirst, help reduce heart fire, and have a stomach and intestine effect.

Oil can increase the absorption rate of lycopene, and can add 5 grams of black sesame.

Reminder: If you are not accustomed to the sticky texture of yogurt, you can add 100ml boiling water to whipped, the taste is better, drink in 15 minutes.

Sugar cane cool and diuretic effect: Sexual taste, can diuretic, heat, thirst, improve lung heat and upset.

Eat this: 20 grams of mung beans, wash, add 400ml of water, boil over low heat, turn to low heat, cook for 40 minutes until soft rotten, turn off the flame, pour off the soup, then add 500ml of sugar cane juice to the mung bean, diuretic,Eliminate heat and detoxification, and help improve constipation, sore throat and cough in the lung heat type.

Reminder: The sugar cane is sugar, pay attention to the sweetness, about 1 bowl of rice, diabetes or overweight, the amount of rice should be reduced by 1 bowl.