Practical sex tips to make you have healthy sex

Practical sex tips to make you have healthy sex

In order to enable everyone to devote themselves to their passion with the greatest enthusiasm, we have specially prepared a few “private dishes” for everyone, with different tastes. Please taste according to your personal preferences!

  I found a new position “My ex-boyfriend taught me to use every part of my body when I am in a relationship” and several important parts.

He would kiss my whole body from head to toenails, and I found a sexy strip that I had never felt before-aiming when he gently caressed me with his nose and aimed at the back!

It was a wonderful feeling, and I jumped in unconsciously.

——Vivi, 21 years old, accounting is a very smart practice.

Many of us don’t know that parts of our body like to be touched, because we are always used to touching sensitive areas that have been proven.

Spend about an hour touching his whole body-scratching his skin with his fingertips-and let him do the same for you.

You will find sexy maps that only belong to you.

  Seize the short time “My boyfriend and I have to work a long time every day, and as a result, our sex life has been greatly affected-frankly, we have no time to intimate.

Until a friend of mine told me that she often had a quick sex before going to work or during the day.

Now, my boyfriend and I often meet at lunch, or take 10 minutes in the morning to do what we love to do.

Although this is not the same as the kind of leisurely sex, it is very exciting, and we will need each other more.

-Lucy, 29 years old. When you are all busy, sex is easily overlooked.

But after all, a quick sex outweighs it, and it will keep your relationship functioning until you have more time and energy together.

So please set aside time for your intimacy on the schedule.

  ”Living in surprise” A friend told me that her boyfriend offered to watch her masturbate.

She was forced to agree, but in the end she found she liked it.

After I heard it, I thought I was a bit too shy?

The next time I was having a relationship with my boyfriend, I started stroking myself in front of him.

When I saw his passion ignited, I knew that my choice was right, and we all got an incredible climax.

-Aju, 25 years old, many secretaries find it embarrassing to say what they want, so showing it to the other person may be an easier option-and more sexy.

When you are about to reach the climax, you take the initiative and you will have a better process.

  ”Making love-related muscles” “I’m practicing yoga, and one of the moves we learn is to exercise the pelvic area.

During the process, you have to contract and contract the vaginal muscles, which results in unexpected results.

In sex, I can get a better experience through its activities.

-Lili, 27 years old, the property manager has some exercises to tighten the vagina muscles.

You can try to do three to five exercises a day. After training, stronger and more flexible muscles will bring more enjoyment in sex.

  Abstinence “A colleague told me that she and her boyfriend had not been intimate for 2 weeks-it was they who decided to do so.

Later, when they started again, the eagerness of waiting made them need each other stronger.

My boyfriend and I just chose not to have sex for a week. Within this week, we stipulated that we couldn’t caress each other or even kiss. In the end, this really made our desire even stronger!

-Qianer, 28 years old, a cashier who does n’t have sex for a week may not care a lot, but two weeks is a good time to build up enough desire.

Make some rules, yes, you can touch but can’t break the line, or touch the area below the waist.

But don’t let abstinence last for too long, otherwise the desires that may be linked together are gone, and then some gains are outweighed, aren’t they?

  Enjoy the moment “in the past when I couldn’t get orgasm in sex, I was always very anxious.

Later, I confided to a good friend of mine. She had encountered the same problem in the past, but she learned how to focus on the joy of foreplay and try different poses-instead of herWorried, she had more fun afterwards.

  Her words let me relax a lot, and she also allowed me. Good sex is not necessarily associated with G spot.

And, since I took her approach, I also got more orgasms.

-Leigh, 26 years old, her friend was right about copywriting.About 75% of women do not know themselves seriously.

Everyone’s sensitive location is not the same, so you need to find it yourself.

You can ask your boyfriend to challenge at least 5 different poses. Even if none of these works, you will still have fun trying.

  Slow down “My best male friend gave me some great advice after a drink.

I was fighting against all the men and wanted to go straight to the subject, not even bothering to talk.

But he told me that many men actually enjoyed the foreplay more because it made them more energetic looking forward to the results.

Since then, I will never feel guilty about trying to extend the length of the foreplay.

-Yuer, 28 years old, lawyer is unfortunate, not all men are like your friends.

For some men, sex is like a game. When you are just getting started, they can’t wait to cross the finish line.

But men should enjoy the foreplay, take the time to understand how to excite each other, and give her a good orgasm.

So never feel guilty about foreplay-because you deserve him!

  Try Outdoors “My fiance has always been passionate about being outdoors, but I’m not very interested in it.

Until one day, we decarbonized together.

He hinted that I could try out intimacy on the grass.

Although the place was very quiet, the worry and nervousness made our process wild.

Since then, I know how wonderful it feels to try like this!

——Caroline, 22, preschool education is a good experience-but keep in mind that in the park during the day, you are very likely to be seen by others.

So be sure to pay attention to the location you choose to make sure that there are no voyeurs, passing children and police.

  Say your thoughts. “It’s hard to get me excited at first, until I read an article that tells them what you like and what you need.

So the next time I was with my boyfriend, I told him that I like to be kissed by him all over the body, and that the more time we spend on foreplay, the more alternate my orgasms will be.

Now he will spend a lot of time stroking me, which is great!

-Wu Mi, 25 years old, sales communication is the foundation of good sex.

If you have been waiting for the other person to guess what you are thinking, you may have to wait a long time.

Be clear about what you need, don’t assume that the other person will know-if you never mentioned it, how would he know?

  ”Laughing” “A friend of mine told me how her relationship with her new boyfriend progressed: once she accidentally bumped her head against a wooden shelf, and it hurt, but she and her boyfriend were not depressed, butLaughing, it helped them through a lot of embarrassment.

From this I also got a revelation that if something goes wrong in bed, I just laugh-it really makes me closer to my boyfriend.

-Anna, 26 years old, the public relations company is right. When you start dating, you should avoid embarrassment.

Just kidding, your friends will feel good.

No fuss, or perspective, or crying, can’t really help you.

Of course, what you need is not a runaway laugh, not a sense of humor, which is no less than a condom for successful sex.