Traveling out should be more enjoyable

Traveling out should be more enjoyable

Take a look at the following to avoid unpleasant travel.

  1. Make an exercise plan in your travel schedule. Plan our exercise like a meeting plan, then record it in your calendar and set up automatic reminders for email.

  If possible, try to exercise in the morning.

During business travel, daytime is usually continuous, uninterrupted social activities or dining with customers, which will affect your evening exercise plan.

In addition, the morning exercise will make you feel more energetic.

  Most hotels have gyms.

Call in advance to ask when the gym is open and its equipment, and after knowing it, you can decide if you need to bring some other equipment, such as a pull-up or swimwear.

  In addition, the DVD player can be connected to the TV or laptop in the hotel room. If you like fitness DVDs, you can carry them with you and do some regular sports in the hotel.

  2. Don’t forget to bring sports shoes on a business trip, you may never forget to bring your laptop or mobile phone.

If you are on vacation, you will never forget to bring a camera and a guide map.

Similarly, you should also bring your sneakers and sports equipment.

Just like your computer is a tool for work, your sneakers are your “tool” for exercise.

  3. Don’t stick to stereotypes when exercising. When you miss your “planned” exercise schedule, other sports are much better than doing nothing at all.

Do a few push-ups or some yoga in the hotel room, run up and down a few rounds on the stairs, and 10 minutes of exercise will be effective.

  Another great place to exercise is the airport.

If your plane is boarding in the farthest departure hall, you can walk away from the escalator and walk towards the gate (remember to wear comfortable shoes).

  4, personalized healthy eating restaurant is for you, eat more vegetables instead of high starch, high aunt food, drink more soup.

  If you attend a cocktail party, order a drink with a glass of water beside.

Whether you drink alcohol, soda or coffee, water can reduce the energy you absorb and neutralize the effects of alcohol and caffeine.

Also, always remember to bring water.

Traveling dehydrates the body, and rehydration at all times can reduce obesity and keep you awake.