Eating a fit body on a hot summer day

Eating a fit body on a hot summer day

There are many fruits in summer, such as strawberries, cherries, lychees, longan, watermelons, bananas, pears, grapes, apricots, etc. All of them are mouth watering. Eating more fruits is good for health and beauty, which is a consensus that everyone knows.

However, there are a lot of stresses on eating fruits, and once they are improperly eaten, they will cause many adverse reactions.

Therefore, the reporter interviewed the relevant experts, and their suggestions can make you not only eat delicious fruits, but also eat a healthy body.

  Strawberry has very high nutritional value and is suitable for daily consumption.

Because strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which is enough for everyone per day, it can also help antioxidants and aging.

  Health reminder: Nutrition experts point out that strawberries are best bought and eaten immediately, otherwise they must be refrigerated at 0 ℃?
The refrigerator at 2 ℃ can only be stored for a week at most, and some can only be stored for 3 days, and then washed with water when eating.

If you put it in the refrigerator after washing, it will be prone to mold.

  Litchi contains moisture, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, calcium and more.

It can supplement brain fitness, appetite and spleen, and is especially suitable for maternal and elderly people.

  Health Reminder: Lychee is not suitable for acne, sore, cold or acute attack.

Experts particularly highlight that if litchi is more likely to get “litchi disease”, it will cause dizziness, panic, and cold sweats.

At the same time, in order to prevent getting angry, when eating lychee, drink a small bowl of hay first, and then leave the small bowl after eating, or soak the husked lychee meat in a jar for a while before eating.

  Apricot contains a variety of organic ingredients, vitamins and inorganic salts, etc. Almond contains protein, rough, phosphorus, iron, potassium and so on.

It can treat wind and cold lung diseases, as well as moisten lungs and reduce phlegm, clearing heat and detoxifying.

  Health Reminder: Apricot is a warm fruit and should not be eaten because it is easy to get angry.

In addition, you can’t eat more almonds. Eating more can easily lead to impaired breathing. You must not eat too much almonds and almonds.

  Peach is a fruit with higher nutritional value, higher iron content, and contains protein, sugar, calcium, pectin, etc.

Peach can be an anemia, can also prevent constipation and other alternatives.

  Health reminder: Do not eat too much peach, otherwise it will cause acute gastroenteritis and other diseases.

  Watermelon contains more than any fruit. The water content is about 90% of the whole fruit. The sugar content of melon is generally 7%?
11%, but also contains vitamins, proteins and so on.

It has a good effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, diuresis, etc. The vitamin C contained in it also has the function of resisting viruses.

  Health reminder: Watermelon is a cold food. Anyone who eats too much will hurt the spleen and stomach, resulting in poor appetite, indigestion and reduced digestive resistance, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.