Notes for indoor yoga practice in winter

Notes for indoor yoga practice in winter

In winter, the best body-building exercise for many female friends is often indoor yoga, but indoor yoga is also particular about it, and often people are particularly vulnerable to physical injury because they ignore some small details.

Here I will tell you what you need to pay attention to indoor yoga practice, let’s take a look together!

  What are the precautions for indoor yoga practice?

Some experienced coaches and yoga enthusiasts mentioned that the main precautions for indoor yoga practice are as follows: 1. When practicing, you must keep the room relatively quiet and the air must be circulated.

  2. The place is optional on the bed, but do not practice on a too soft bed. It is best to prepare a yoga mat, then wear pajamas and practice barefoot.

  3, follow the CD to learn yoga, be sure to pay attention, do not learn while watching the CD, you should practice after reading the CD.

Because yoga pays attention to meditation and mental concentration, if you do it while watching, energy dispersal is difficult to complete meditation, and the true purpose of practicing yoga is simply not achieved.

  4. Practicing yoga doesn’t have to be done according to cats and cats. It is done completely according to the movements of the CD. The practitioner can do as many movements as they can remember, and the sequence of movements is not static. They should do whatever they want, as long as they keep the breathing stable and the peace of mind.

  5. If the tempo of the action on the disc is too fast, then the disc you have selected has basically no learning value and can be discarded.

When practicing yoga, you must maintain 3 to 5 breaths for each movement. After practicing yoga, you should feel happy instead of being sore and even suffering.

  6. For fitness at home, perseverance is often the enemy of practitioners, and so is yoga.

In response to this problem, Coach Wang reminded that you must not practice yoga reluctantly. Yoga does not have to be done every day. You can do more with less if you are in a good mood, feel good, and shorten your time.