Reasons for not eating fat


Reasons for not eating fat

We all seem to be born thin: no more than people, but they won’t gain weight!

And some people just have the opposite, it seems that drinking water will gain weight.

Where are the reasons for thin people not eating fat?

Apply a sentence of red Shenyang, which is now half-baked: “Why is this?”

“One, different diets, people eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, but the volume is not necessarily high, because these foods are relatively high content; some people eat very little, you ask her what to eat?

Cakes, pizza, ice cream. nature is naturally low.

The diet and structure are different, and the nutrition and transformation provided to the body are different.

In terms of embody, the same weight of cakes and taro, the conversion of cake is gimmick.

5 times.

In addition, cooking methods also affect the progress of fattening.

Time, the same weight of vegetables, after the oil is fried and degraded than boiled, the conversion of this dish will increase by about 10 times.

銆€銆€Second, gastrointestinal digestion is different. Some people will not gain weight when they eat more. The biggest physiological reason may be that the digestive system is weak, the digestion and absorption system can’t move normally, and the food that is eaten is not excreted and is excreted.
If you belong to this type, don’t secretly sneak up on it. This kind of human body is weak, immunity can be, in fact, it is also a sub-health part.

It is recommended to first adjust the spleen and stomach and eat foods that are easy to digest and absorb.

銆€銆€Third, the difference in congenital constitution must be recognized that the physical fitness of the human being is really affected by the genetic factors of the parents.

The thin person is inherited by the parents or gets a reasonable diet and nutrition from a young age. The level of energy metabolism in the body is high, and the energy consumed by the body can also be used.

A lot of actual situations show that people who are more active from a small age have high muscle content, high basal metabolism, and sufficient energy consumption.

People with a high basal metabolic rate will help them consume more doses even if they are not lying in bed.

Exercise can help improve basal metabolic rate and regulate physical fitness.

銆€銆€Fourth, different living habits When you are looking for reasons to eat not fat, your friend may be running in the gym sweating; when you are staying up late, your friend has already gone to sleep.

Look carefully at the good friends around you. Are they living more regularly than you?

Modern society has a fast pace of life and a small amount of activity, so it is necessary to use a certain amount of time to let yourself move.

This will not only help you to be healthy, but also to improve your vitality and stay young.

Maintaining the right amount of exercise every day is the only rule of health.

銆€銆€Here, I would like to remind those friends who think that they are eating long and not fat. As they grow older, their metabolism will gradually decrease. If you eat a lot of food for a long time, the body will definitely increase.

This is why many people find it strange that why they used to eat more and not fat, and now pay attention to the reason why control is fat.