The climate is unfavorable

The climate is unfavorable

In recent days, I went to the respiratory clinic of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to see the complications of patients with seasonal complications in spring.

Some patients asked the author puzzledly, why the occurrence of respiratory diseases is closely related to seasonal changes?

How should these diseases be prevented?

The author gave detailed answers to the patients.

  The special structure and special physiology of the lungs as delicate and susceptible respiratory tracts cause changes in meteorological conditions, especially rapid climate change, and sudden events are prone to disease.

This is the main reason that seasonal changes can easily induce respiratory diseases.

  For example, why is it prone to respiratory diseases in spring?

Because the climate is changeable at this time, especially the morning and evening temperature differences penetrate, various pathogenic microorganisms and pollen particles float in the air.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are delicate, and spring is the “eventful spring” of the lungs, especially the elderly are weak, and are slightly prone to respiratory diseases such as colds, cough, high blood pressure, and respiratory infections.

  Two examples of TCM conditioning Aunt Wang, 75, lives in Zhimaying Street, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, and has been suffering from chronic bronchitis in the elderly for many years.

In recent years, the temperature difference between morning and evening in Nanjing has increased in spring. She is extremely uncomfortable and catches a cold at every turn. As a result, her elderly chronic bronchitis often has acute attacks and must be treated in hospital.

In fact, spring-like diseases like her are easy to get rid of. Complications can be reduced through the usual active prevention and treatment, or once the disease occurs, it is very mild and does not require hospitalization.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long said that “the lungs are canopies”, “the lungs are delicate”, “the lungs are mainly fur”, “the wind is evil, and the lungs are the first to commit lungs.”

Patients with acute respiratory diseases such as Aunt Wang can not only use the traditional Chinese medicine decoctions for conditioning, but also replace the appropriate prescriptions and external treatments with their physiques, and can use their own physiques to replace the dietary conditioning and prevention.

  Ms. Chen, who lives in Xuanwu District, causes degradation and often occurs in the spring season. Before the “occurrence season” this year, she came to the author to nurse her.

The patient is allergic, and spring is the season when various pollen floats in the air. Coupled with the sudden cold and hot weather, it is easy to cause intervention.

The author gave her internal medicine of nourishing lungs and removing wind, nourishing the kidney and spleen, and cooperating with warming Yang to remove colds, removing wind and detoxifying Chinese medicine to soak her feet. After two months of treatment, Ms. Chen’s disease resistance was significantly enhanced.

Now, unless the weather suddenly cools down, she won’t catch a cold easily, and the number of acute attacks will be significantly reduced.

  Dietary recuperation to prevent illness Here, the author introduces three types of common respiratory diseases dietary treatment methods.

  ★ Those who are susceptible to colds can drink astragalus, ginger and jujube tea, take 30 grams of astragalus, 6 grams of ginger, 10 grams of jujube, 12 grams of Suye, and Jiantang as tea.

It has the effects of nourishing qi, dispersing cold, expelling wind, often drinking in spring, and has a good cold prevention effect. It is especially suitable for the elderly and children who are physically weak to prevent colds.

  ★ Those who are easy to cough can drink mulberry leaf ginseng tea, take 15g ginseng ginseng, 12g mulberry leaf, 10g chrysanthemum, 6g mint, 10g almond, 5g eustoma, 5g raw licorice, decoction or teacan.
It has the functions of expelling wind, relieving throat, declaring lungs, and relieving cough, and is suitable for cough with complications of chronic pharyngitis.

  ★ People who are easy to asthma can eat Codonopsis yam and walnut meat porridge, take Codonopsis ginseng 30 grams, yam 30 grams, walnut meat 30 grams, ginger 10 grams, and eat with rice porridge.

It has a good effect of nourishing qi, nourishing kidney and asthma, and is suitable for elderly patients with hypertension and emphysema to recuperate in spring to prevent disease.