It’s getting harder and harder to fall asleep. How do you fall asleep quickly and have a good night’s sleep?

It’s getting harder and harder to fall asleep. How do you fall asleep quickly and have a good night’s sleep?

Many people are busy at work, forced to become a night-night, but night-time, sometimes, because there is no way, at 10 o’clock, I want to sleep, but I can’t sleep in bed.
To say that it is the cause of the biological clock, in a few days, at 10 o’clock in bed, still can not sleep, it is not very discouraged.
Having a good night’s sleep not only fully relaxes and rests the brain, but also guarantees the energy of the next day.
But for many people, having a good night’s sleep can be said to have become a “luxury”.
Poor sleep is a disease. According to the World Health Organization’s 2012 data, the number of people suffering from various types of sleep disorders in China accounted for 38.
2%, higher than the world average of 27%.
There are dozens of diseases in sleep disorders. The more common ones can be divided into four types: sleepless, sleepless, snoring and abnormal performance, such as grinding teeth, talking words, sleepwalking, etc.
Poor sleep can cause a variety of negative emotions, anxiety and depression, which in turn adversely affects people’s memory and endocrine, and is associated with the incidence of many diseases, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.
Statistics show that 38% of all traffic accidents in the United States are related to sleep disorders; 87% of malignant traffic accidents are related to sleep disorders.
How to count as a qualified sleep?
First self-test.
鈼?Can sleep in 30 minutes; 鈼?Wake up for 5 minutes or more per night (more than 65 years old, wake up more than 2 times is normal); 鈼?Can wake up in 20 minutes after waking up; 鈼廔n bed, 85% of the time is sleeping.
If your sleep state can meet the above four items, then congratulations, your sleep quality is up to standard, do not continue to look down.
If you don’t have one, don’t worry, and these methods can help you correct your sleep.
How can I fall asleep quickly?
1, the bedroom environment pleasant bedroom environment, from temperature to light and other factors, have a great impact on sleep.
Appropriate temperature Why people sleep 8 hours at night and 8 hours during the day are significantly different, because the night’s temperature, light and other natural factors are consistent with the physiological state of the person.
So it is important to ensure a good bedroom environment.
In general, the best room temperature for sleep is at 15.
6 掳 C ~ 22.
2 掳 C, when the sleep is poor, of course, this depends on the specific situation, many people may feel uncomfortable at this temperature.
But as a reference, when you can’t sleep, you can try to open the window to ventilate, or turn on the air conditioner.
Adjust the temperature in the room to the point where you feel comfortable.
The air in a relatively fresh room is poor in air quality, and people are easily bored, so don’t hesitate if you want to open the window.
It is best to keep the bedroom clean and tidy. People work and study in a clean environment. The state will be much better and sleep.
Dark, dull, dark environments can be said to be critical to improving sleep quality.
Otherwise, the eye mask is estimated to have no market.
There have also been several studies showing that melatonin secretion is inhibited before bedtime and during exposure to light, which in turn affects sleep quality.
If the window is leaking, you can install blackout curtains or sleep with an eye mask.
Small ambient noise In general, a slight sound at night does not affect people’s sleep, but if you feel that there is a sound that affects sleep, you can use a white noise machine.
Comfortable bedding products with perspiration and high air permeability, such as cotton, wool, silk, bamboo fiber and linen.
These products can make people’s skin breathe better by emitting moisture, which helps to improve the quality of sleep.
Polyester, synthetic satin and other materials are easier to sleep and get hotter due to poor air permeability.
Pillows in addition to memory foam, latex, down, buckwheat husks, etc., can also put some plant-like content, such as soybeans, mung beans, lavender, cassia, Ai Ye and so on.
These are all good for health.
2, do not play mobile phones before going to bed. Studies have found that the blue light emitted by electronic products (including mobile phones, computers) interferes with melatonin formation more than white light.
In 2013, the United States Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of Figueiredo and others reported that using the iPad for two hours at night is enough to prevent the typical increase in melatonin concentration at night.
And if melatonin is reduced, people are prone to a series of aging symptoms such as insomnia, dreams, fatigue and forgetfulness.Some people may get used to watching the script at night to hypnotize. Sometimes they fall asleep when they look at them, but if they encounter a very exciting script, they are exciting, put down their mobile phones early, and don’t miss when they sleep. So, before going to sleepIt is best to put down electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, and lie down quietly waiting to meet Zhou Gong.

3, 2 before going to bed?
Do not eat for 3 hours. If you sleep, the stomach is still working overtime to digest. When you sleep, the stomach still affects the quality of sleep. If you are hungry, you can eat milk, yogurt, and eat a little fruit.

4, carry out half an hour of yoga to pay attention to each call, each suck.

Relaxing the body helps to eliminate psychological stress and ensure a good quality of sleep.