Be a qualified intergenerational parent

Be a qualified “intergenerational parent”

As the saying goes: “There is a small family, such as a treasure.”
Now it is popular to say that “there is an old family, such as a treasure.”
If the old one and the two “babies” get together, the family can be lively.
銆€銆€With the development of the times, more and more parents are busy with work, almost no consideration for children, so the burden of raising children will inevitably fall on the shoulders of grandparents and grandparents.
This phenomenon of raising and educating grandchildren by their ancestors is called intergenerational education.
So, are you a qualified 鈥渋ntergenerational parent鈥?
銆€銆€Advantages of Intergenerational Education 7 Advantages 1 Have a childlike heart The parents of their ancestors have a childlike heart, and it is easy to establish harmonious feelings with their grandchildren. It has created a good emotional foundation for educating children and is beneficial to the health of both grandparents and grandchildren.
銆€銆€Advantages 2 Educating Children’s Experiences Parents of ancestors have practical experience in raising and educating children. They are more likely to know about children’s problems at different ages and how to deal with them.
銆€銆€Advantages 3 Rich social experience The rich social experience and life sentiment accumulated by parents of ancestors in long-term social practice are favorable conditions for promoting children’s development and effectively dealing with children’s education.
銆€銆€Advantages 4 Ample time and energy Parents have plenty of time and energy and are willing to communicate with their children.
They can not only take care of their children’s lives, but also provide appropriate guidance and patiently listen to their narratives.
銆€銆€Advantages 5 Compensating for the lack of gender roles The high divorce rate in cities has allowed many children to grow up in single-parent families. Intergenerational parents can better compensate for the lack of gender roles in such families and have a positive effect on the child’s healthy gender perception.
銆€銆€Advantages 6 Relieving parents’ worries Children are raised by their parents and parents can solve their worries and concentrate on their careers.
Modern society is under competitive pressure. Many parents are busy with work and it is difficult to have time to take care of their children’s living and learning.
銆€銆€Advantages 7 Family love for grandchildren Parents and caring for their grandchildren are unmatched by any parenting institution or nanny.
They are happy to contribute to their children, which is good for children’s psychological support and emotional stability.
銆€銆€Top 10 Qualification Standards for 鈥淧arental Parents鈥?In the modern Chinese family, there is an emerging 鈥渧ery 6+1鈥?model, that is, a small family with 鈥渄ouble only children鈥? plus parents of both sides, together they love a 鈥渃rystal of love鈥?
This “single seedling”, from the beginning of birth, the most important thing is the pet.
Here are 10 conditions for 鈥渋ntergenerational parents鈥?summarized by psychologists. If you are the highest 4 digits in this 鈥?+1鈥? do you have such 鈥渜ualification criteria鈥?
Good health, good energy, young mind, happy to raise grandchildren.
Mental health, emotional stability, no mental disorder or partial preference.
Good family and personal hygiene, no smoking, no alcohol abuse.
Learn about your child’s dietary nutrition and life care.
Cheerful, strong interpersonal skills, not stubborn and prejudiced, have patience with children.
I like outdoor activities and often take children out to get to know the world around me.
Have a certain cultural foundation and be able to educate children.
Treat children to be kind and tolerant, but not conniving, not loving, and good at guiding education.
Be able to carefully observe your child’s physical and mental changes and communicate with your child’s parents in a timely manner.
銆€銆€銆€銆€10.Willing and good at absorbing new knowledge, new ideas, and educating children with modern family education concepts and methods.

銆€銆€The 10 tips for the 鈥減arental parents鈥?will inevitably exist and have problems in the growth and development of children, but having problems does not necessarily mean that the mental health is unhealthy.

When you find that your child has problems, as a parent, you should be patiently educated, educate your children, and even help them through a professional psychological education counseling organization to help them through a happy childhood, easily cross adolescence, and correctly guide them to healthy growth.The road to become a useful talent for the country.

銆€銆€Tips 1 Don’t care too much about your child, otherwise you will easily make your child too self-centered and think that everyone should respect him.

銆€銆€Tips 2 Do not bribe children.

It is necessary for children to know the relationship between rights and obligations from an early age, and they cannot enjoy rights without due diligence.

銆€銆€Tips 3 Don’t be too close to your child.

Children should be encouraged to live, learn, and play with their peers so that they can learn to get along with others.

銆€銆€Tips 4 Don’t force your child to do something that is not competent.

Most of the child’s self-confidence comes from the success of doing things, forcing them to do things that they can’t do, which leads to the loss of self-confidence.

銆€銆€Tips 5 Do not be too harsh on the child, demanding or even snoring.

This causes the child to suffer from unhealthy psychology such as inferiority, timidity, and escapism, leading to abnormal behaviors such as resistance, hatred, and departure.

銆€銆€Don’t deceive and threaten children indiscriminately, this will lose the authority of the elders in the children’s minds.

銆€銆€Tips 7 Don’t criticize or laugh at your child in front of your partner.

This can cause children’s hatred and shyness, which greatly damages their child’s self-esteem.

銆€銆€Don’t over-reward your child.

The child has achieved results in doing things, and can be attached.

銆€銆€Tips 9 Do not be angry with your child.

Such meaningful children are sensitive and suspicious, emotionally unstable, and timid.

銆€銆€The trick 10 helps children solve their problems instead of solving them.

Help your child analyze his environment and teach children how to analyze problems.