[Pregnant cannot eat anything_Pregnant cannot eat anything]

[Pregnant cannot eat anything_Pregnant cannot eat anything]

Pregnant women must make a nutrition plan of their own. Some things cannot be eaten, and they should be avoided as much as possible.

Because pregnant women never know what they accidentally eat will hurt the baby.

Only if you have a general understanding of all foods, you have the right judgment method when choosing foods. Let ‘s take a look at what is pregnant and what is not allowed to eat?

1. Caffeine is a stimulant of the central nervous system, which can affect the fetal brain development through the placental barrier, so do not eat foods containing caffeine, such as strong tea, coffee, etc.

2. Don’t eat moldy and spoiled foods, such as moldy cereals, vegetables that have been placed for a long time, and so on.

Moldy foods that contain carcinogenic aflatoxin can cause maternal liver fractures.

3. Do not eat irritating foods, such as spicy foods, alcoholic beverages.

Spicy foods can stimulate the stomach and intestines, which can cause edema of the mucous membranes and worsen hemorrhoids in pregnant women.

Alcohol can cause low birth weight and even deformities.

4. Do not eat instant foods containing alkaline food additives, such as fast food noodles, canned food, etc.

Because this kind of food contains a lot of salt and MSG, it has very few vitamins and minerals. It is a junk food, and frequent eating can cause dehydration and headache.

Can not eat some fruits during pregnancy1. Hawthorn can promote blood circulation and stasis, and can stimulate uterine contraction. When pregnancy is not yet early, you should pay attention to eating small amounts, it is best not to eat, pregnant women with a history of miscarriage or symptoms of miscarriageDon’t eat it.

2. Lychee and longan are two kinds of fruits that are hot in nature. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, women generally become hot after pregnancy. If they eat these two kinds of fruits, they will easily cause constipation, sores on the tongue, etc.Lit symptoms.

3, persimmon has a cold flavor, has the effects of clearing heat and moistening the lungs, and promoting thirst and thirst, but its astringent effect is intensified. After encountering acid, it can coagulate clumps and combine with protein to produce precipitation. Therefore, pregnant women should eat less persimmon.
4, citrus is warm and sweet, can nourish yang and qi, so it is easy to cause heat and irritability after excessive consumption, and stomatitis, periodontitis and other diseases, so pregnant women should eat less citrus.

5. Durian is rich in plant protein, which is difficult to digest after eating too much.

Pregnant women are prone to indigestion and constipation during pregnancy. If they eat durian again, this symptom will be aggravated.