Simple and practical yoga thin waist

Simple and practical yoga thin waist

The beauty of a woman, in terms of face, lies in the flow of the eyebrows between the eyebrows; the alignment of the body lies in the slender waist of Yingying.

Of course, beauties are not necessarily all beautiful here. If so, the so-called beauty will become ordinary, but with two kinds of features, if you inadvertently turn around and laugh, it will become a landscape, and all the taste will beOut.

  The thin waisted Dafa introduced below is best done as a daily homework. No matter how busy you are, take the time to do it-even if it is only ten minutes-make good use of time and make it a beautiful accumulation.

  Yoga thin waist one of the big method-twist method 1, extended, feet open, toes forward and forward (be careful not to outside eight characters), the distance between the feet is slightly narrower than the shoulders.

  2. Exhale, twist the body with the waist as the left, and try to keep the direction of 1 in the lower body, facing the front, placing your right hand behind the left waist, and holding the back of your left hand against the right waist.

  3. Inhale and return to 1.

  4. Exhale, turn right, the main points are the same as in action 2.

  5. Do more before.

  Yoga thin waist big method two-stretching method 1, extended, feet open with shoulder width, toes forward and forward.

  2. Inhale and hold your hands flat.

  3. Exhale, stretch your body to the right, hold your right hand against your right ear, and hold your left hand on your left leg (the exact position depends on the softness of your waist). The left arm can be bent or straightened. Generally speaking, the leftWhen the arm is stretched, the body requires the right waist strength, and the exercise intensity is also large.

  4. Inhale, the body returns to action 1, and then do it on the other side.

  Yoga thin waist big law three-inhalation method 1, extend, exhale, and consciously force the abdomen into the body, the closer the better.

  2. Hold your breath and count 3-5 silently in your heart (if your breathing ability is strong, you can hold your breath for a while).

  3. Inhale and fill the abdomen with air (refer to Dantian breathing method).

  4. Repeat the previous.

  The above three yoga exercises have trained our waist from different aspects. The twist method can flex the waist. Daily practice can help the waist clean up the aunts that may accumulate on the day. It is a good waist aunt sweeper. The stretching method allowsWhile the distal waist muscles are stretched, you can squeeze the waist and abdomen on the other side, which has the effect of shaping the waist. The inspiration method is more to thin the waist by exercising the abdomen.Sit up and let the waist get exercise-the waist and abdomen are not separated, the exercises of the two parts can be used for each other.