Three hidden dangers caused by long-term vegetarianism

Three hidden dangers caused by long-term vegetarianism

It is reasonable to estimate that balanced nutrition can escort our health. If we only eat vegetarian food or eat only oysters, it will not benefit our health.

But in people’s consciousness, vegetarianism is the best choice for health.

In fact, it is not true that long-term vegetarianism will endanger our health.

Initially, we introduced three long-term vegetarians with three major health risks.

  1, leading to infertility pregnancy, vegetarian diet is gradually accepted by the public.

In particular, women who are over-full of body shape have even turned vegetarian into a habit, hoping to gradually achieve the goal of losing weight.

It is undeniable that eating more foods such as vegetarian food, vegetables and fruits, etc., does help to lose weight.

However, recent studies in the medical community on vegetarian diets have confirmed that women often eat vegetarian food, causing devastating effects of hormone secretion in the body, and may even lead to infertility.

If women are unwilling to suffer from fertility, then they must think twice before making vegetarian diets, especially for women over the age of 30. Fertility itself has declined and more caution.

  2, causing gallstones long-term vegetarian diet to increase the risk of gallstones, especially in the elderly, studies have shown that nearly half of elderly patients with gallstones caused by simple vegetarian diet.

Of course, you don’t have to eat big fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, butter (cream) and other dairy products are good choices, and you can make a variety of delicious foods with dairy products.It can fully supplement the high quality animal protein and animal waste required by the human body to improve the body’s nutrients.

So please don’t be vegetarian for a long time!

  3, is not conducive to blood pressure, often listen to some friends with hypertension, said: “I can not eat meat, or higher blood pressure.

“In life, they are vegan and refuse any embarrassment.”

In fact, this is always bad for health and is not conducive to the control of high blood pressure.

Eating meat and eggs can increase the nutrition of blood vessels and maintain good elasticity of blood vessels.

Strict vegetarian diet, no meat, no animal protein and slight intake, the result is poor blood vessel elasticity.

Experts advise patients who are afraid of eating meat because of high blood pressure and high blood fat: “If the blood lipids in the blood are high, they can be repelled with drugs. If the elasticity of blood vessels becomes worse, it will be difficult to recover.

The result of poor blood vessel elasticity can lead to high blood pressure.