Russia’s 90-year-old girl explores China’s health regime!


Russia’s 90-year-old girl explores China’s health regime!

She is called the ring, a 90-year-old Russian girl.

I like Chinese health since I was a child.

In order to find the real health secret, she came to Shennong Mountain in Jiaozuo, Henan.

Legend has it that the Emperor Yannong discovered the mystery of grains and herbs here!

Feeding China has had the concept of “medicine and food homology” since ancient times.

Eat it all over the body?

In this case.

Will the guilt of eating outside the night be reduced?

Following the tour of Shennong Mountain in the ring, Xiaowai specially launched “Shen Nongshan Health Recipes” in this issue?
Yam is called “the food of the gods” and has the effect of preventing disease and prolonging life.

It has two distinct faces under different cooking methods.

A sweet talk, a proud and cold-headed mountain medicinal material: yam, egg, flour, starch, edible oil, sugar practice steps: 1.

Wash the yam and cut into sections, and steam in the pan until it is half cooked.


Take out the yam and let it cool and cut into small pieces. Add in warm oil and fry until golden, remove the sugar, add the sugar and use the residual temperature of the oil to pick up the sugar.


Pour in the yam and evenly wrap a layer of sugar.

Qing stewed mountain medicinal materials: yam, water practice steps: 1.

Wash the yam and cut into large pieces.


Put the yam into the pot and cook for half an hour until it is crispy. In order to maintain the natural sweetness of the wild yam, no seasoning is added during the cooking process.


In order to collect Jiaozuo wild yam, you must learn to “weilong”!

(We are all “Weilong girls”) The locals believe that yam is spiritual.

If you accidentally dig up its “faucet”, you may not be able to dig the yam!

There are almost precious ingredients on the mountain, and there are many herbs for health.

The ancient Shennong tasted the herb, and today there is a Russian ring to chew the grass (loop you eat grass so happy, true grass girl?

Although the mountains are all “healthy” treasures, sometimes baby can also become “poison”.

Many herbs on the mountain are toxic.

Legend has it that Shennong tasted a hundred herbs and encountered seventy-two poisons, the most poisonous of which was – cut off the grass.

Once ingested, it is vomiting and diarrhea, but some people are killed.

It is this ordinary herb that looks like a god, and the life of Shennong.

It is not “eat” to raise the body, but it is also “pressed”.

Health massage, massage, acupuncture and other treatments for health, which massage began in the Qin Dynasty, has been passed down to 2000 years!

Sui Dynasty also has a doctoral position in the massage.

This skill is extremely popular in the palace and is loved by the emperors. The Chenjiagou Village, located in Jiaozuo, is also the origin of Taijiquan.

Tai Chi is now more and more popular and has become a sport for all ages.
Go up to 99, just go down.
Foreigners are even more addicted to it?
When I saw the ring, I couldn’t help but practice the Tai Chi with the locals.

God raises the key points!

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that medicine is not as good as food and nutrition.

God raising is the highest state of health!

When you are upset, follow the Xiaobian and meditate – the smile should be open frequently, the breeze will not be arbitrarily robbed, and the destiny is destined to live for half a day. If you have a good eye, if you master the trick of God, youWill you eat well, body and body, and then go to the peak of life?
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