Small heat waves hit people, how to supplement to health


Small heat waves hit people, how to supplement to health

There are currently 24 solar terms, and there are some different health knowledge in each solar term.

Understanding the health knowledge of each solar term has a very good effect on our health.

Let us take a look at the small department in the 24 solar terms today. How do we get healthy in the hot weather?

Summer tonic for the lung and kidney yin can be used 10 grams of lily, 10 grams of camphor, 10 grams of lotus, 10 grams of Perrin, 10 grams of rehmannia, 12 grams of angelica, licorice 6 grams of water steamed clothes, there is a summer spleen and nourishing Yin RunThe role.
For chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, deterioration, lung yin deficiency, you can take a pig lung, repeated lavage and clean, steamed in the steam pot, take the juice to take, a pig lung can be steamed 2-3 times, lightfood.

Pig lungs have the function of nourishing yin and benefiting the lungs and moistening dryness.

Jiu Shi pig lung soup has a good effect on the above diseases.

For coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension or high blood pressure, those with high triglycerides can use duck meat for nourishing yin and clearing heat, and supplementing blood and detoxifying.

Cut the cooked duck meat and watermelon rind into thin filaments and add the appropriate amount of salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and minced garlic.

Watermelon skin has the function of clearing heat and reducing fire, diuretic and cooling off the heat. At the same time, it is the best product for the elderly to make up for summer heat.

When the temperature is high, the secretion of human digestive juice is reduced, the acidity of the body is reduced, the appetite nerve is inhibited, the conditioning of the diet and the supplement of the water are harmed.

Pricing should be plasma.

From the nutritional point of view, the cold water that naturally cools after boiling is most likely to promote metabolism through the cell membrane, increase the hemoglobin content in the blood, promote the body’s immune function, and enhance the body’s disease resistance.

People who are accustomed to drinking boiled water have high activity of dehydrogenase in the body, less accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle, and are less prone to fatigue.

Pure boiled water is easy to quench your thirst.

For health, take the initiative to drink some water when you are not thirsty.

In addition, drinking mung bean soup in the summer can relieve heat and irritate thirst.

Tea water anti-cancer, lotus leaf porridge, lily porridge, mint porridge, chrysanthemum porridge, etc. are suitable for people with wind-heat, cold, and eye diseases.

In addition, some fresh cold salad, add some garlic, ginger, vinegar and spicy spices, can not only increase appetite, but also prevent infectious diseases, avoid excessive and too cold when eating, but also pay attention to eating fresh vegetables, fruits, soy products and lean meat, fish and eggs, so as to maintain potassium, sodium balance, and add water, but also maintain the need for protein and multivitamins.

Entering the solar terms of the summer, it also indicates the coming of our hot season. In the hot season, people’s appetite is relatively poor, the weather is relatively close, it is recommended that friends, try to introduce some healthy health diet to friends, of course.The diet of friends of different physiques is also different. I hope that the above tips will help you.