Drinking Chinese medicine is too bitter-adding sugar is not advisable!

Is it too bitter to drink Chinese medicine?

Adding sugar is not advisable!

As the saying goes, “Good medicine is hard work!

“People will not question the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, but they are often prohibitive for the strange taste of traditional Chinese medicine.

Especially children, father and mother leaned over with Chinese medicine, and the child hid all the way, so some people thought that since Chinese medicine is bitter, would it be better to add some sugar?

As everyone knows, this is a big mistake!

  Sugar is medicine too!

  The key to the use of traditional Chinese medicine is the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the “five elements dialectics”. The use of medicine pays attention to “four flavors and five flavors”.”.

  Sugar belongs to the “sweet” flavor, and can be used to replenish the stomach. It has a certain therapeutic effect on weak central burns, stomach problems, etc., especially brown sugar, which is more mild, sweet and enters the spleen.Qi and blood, spleen warm stomach, slow and stop pain, promoting blood circulation and stasis.

  Since it is a medicine, you can’t add the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions to pay attention to “monarchs and envoys.”

  First of all, more sugar will help heat. If the patient has symptoms such as abdominal distension and full tongue, thick tongue coating, and other damp and heat stop symptoms, sugar can generally be canceled to avoid adverse reactions, and those with sputum should not take it.

  In essence, white sugar is cool and brown sugar is warm. If white sugar is added to warm medicine, or brown sugar is added to cold medicine, it will attenuate the medicine, inhibit the full absorption of the effect, and affect the efficacy.

  Third, the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is relatively complicated. Sugars, especially brown sugar, contain cracked iron, calcium and other elements. Proteins and metabolites in traditional Chinese medicine combine with them to cause chemical reactions to make some effective components in the liquidCoagulation and degeneration, followed by turbidity and precipitation, not only affect the efficacy of the medicine, but also endanger health.