These nine feelings are love

These nine feelings are love

The first beautiful feeling is the saying that lover’s eyes are out of Shih Tzu, so when there is love, you will definitely feel that the other person looks the best, even if there are other opposite sexes that look better than the person you love, but for you, he (She) is the most beautiful one in your heart, and it is impossible for others to list.

  The second kind of dear feeling When you fall in love with a person, you will have a very kind feeling, with him (her), you will feel very comfortable and harmonious.

You can trust and rely on him or her.

He (she) is like a close family member. It can even be said that he is closer than a family member, and in this closeness, you experience a warmer feeling-this is the dear feeling.

In this country of love, he or she is willing to tolerate all your shortcomings. The third kind of envy and respect has a healthy love relationship.

Appropriately feel proud of the other party, you will appreciate all the other party’s everything, including internal and external conditions and advantages, and the other party also makes you feel that he (she) is proud of you everywhere.

If this feeling exists, unless he (she) succeeds or fails to do it, you will appreciate his or her talent, instead of just paying attention to the fourth kind of love and love, whether you like itCompliment each other, and not only admire, or perfunctory, you will like to point out to others when he or she is away, even if you can make a bowl of instant noodles.

The important thing is that you feel extremely happy from complimenting each other’s enthusiasm.

  The fifth respected self-esteem love relationship can improve a person’s self-esteem and make you feel that life is fairer, because love can make you discover that in fact you have unparalleled uniqueness. Although you have advantages and disadvantages, butYour uniqueness makes you extremely respected, which makes life easier.

  The sixth kind of possessive love is absolutely exclusive and cannot share its intimate male and female relationship with others. Therefore, when love changes from uncertainty to stability, marriage needs to continue for the future, so we meet each other when we get married.Xu.

In a true love life, it is necessary to promise each other loyalty.

  The seventh type of freedom of action If a person has a valid reason, his or her freedom of movement must be respected, so as not to destroy the love relationship between the two.

Although the person who loves to follow the feelings is very worrying or angry, for those who love to live with sex, restrictions or restrictions are of no use.

Might as well give him (her) freedom, space.

He (she) always comes back.

  The eighth kind of deep sympathy. People often have a feeling of pity for the loved one, and often consider it for each other. If the other person is frustrated, we will be very willing to share the pain and frustration for him or her,Suffering thinks that our suffering is the same or better than our own suffering, because in love, we are willing to sacrifice our own interests for each other.

  The ninth physiological sexual impulse When we are interested in or love a certain opposite sex, we all want to have physical contact with each other.

In true love life, this desire is always there.

Sexual impulses are not just behaviors. They also include many other intimate physical contacts, such as holding hands, hugging, etc. This kind of emotion will always exist in the lover’s heart.