Hair so dandruff so much makes me go out!

Hair so dandruff so much makes me go out!

When you are ready to go out, take a look at the mirror.

I was happy to go out, but I saw that my hair was very oily and dandruff.

Have you ever encountered this situation?

Hair has dandruff, which will bring a lot of life to your life. What about dandruff?

How to remove it?

I will share 9 super practical life tips to help you reduce dandruff and have a healthy and refreshing image.


Choosing your own hair care products must be slowly raised. The first step is the daily cleaning steps. First, you must choose your own care products. Choose shampoo products to pay attention to simple environmental protection, healthy silicone oil shampoo.

Next, clean the hair and scalp with shampoo, then apply hair with a conditioner to give your hair some nourishment and nourishment.

Make a head skin massage to speed up blood circulation, improve loose skin and improve nutrient absorption of hair.


Shake the hair with beer and wash the hair with beer. After 15 minutes of continuous use, wash with water, and then wash the hair with shampoo.

Twice a day, 4 to 5 days to remove dandruff, and no complications.

Wash your hair with warm vinegar: Mix 50 ml of vinegar into warm water to wash your hair once a week, both to relieve itching and dandruff, and to make the hair crow bright.


Fresh ginger shampoo is added to the fresh ginger to wash the head when boiling hot water, to go dandruff.

When washing your hair, immerse your head in the water, gently massage the scalp with your hands, then wash with water and dry with a towel.

Wash with a shampoo the next day.

Wash it at least twice a week, and it will continue to have a certain effect.


Mulberry bark wash head with four money mulberry bark, add two pounds of boiling water for a few minutes, then wash the head with the water of the mulberry bark, wash for 5 days, you can get rid of dandruff.


Wash the vinegar solution and take 150 ml of vinegar, add 1 kg of warm water, and mix well.

Use this water to wash your hair once a day. It can remove dandruff and relieve itching. It can also help prevent hair loss and reduce hair splitting.


The onion mud shampoo first rounds the onion into a mud, wrap it in a gauze, and use it to gently pat the scalp until the onion juice is evenly applied to the scalp and hair.

After a few hours, the onion is washed away and the dandruff effect is good.


Onion dandruff choose a fresher onion to ensure that the onion juice is rich enough after mashing.

Use the mashing tool to mash the onion and wrap it in a clean gauze. Use a wiping massage to massage the scalp so that the onion juice can fully act on the scalp.

When you wash your hair with water for 24 hours, you can not only remove the swarf, but also relieve itching.


Salt borax shampoo with salt, borax parts, add to the basin, add water to the right amount, dissolve the head after washing, can stop the scalp itching, reduce dandruff.


Massage the scalp dandruff method before going to sleep every night, use a comb to gently comb the hair, combing from the forehead, and combing until the scalp feels slightly warm.

This can promote blood circulation in the skin, make the hair more nutritious, and also comb the dandruff.